Policy North is an independent think tank focused on issues affecting the North of England.

Here at Policy North, we are the leading voice in the Devolution agenda. We conduct authoritative research on key issues in the North of England and produce effective policy solutions that help shape the debate on the region’s social and economic future. We are proud to be the only think tank exclusively focused on issues affecting the North. Our aim is to ensure our thinking and ideas have significant influence on public debate and policy.

To do this work we focus on several key policy areas such as Transport, Business, Housing and Social Justice.


Policy North deliver an extensive programme of research and publications as well as holding regular events with experts from across the North including business leaders and key decision makers. We also engage with politicians from across the political spectrum.

The importance of Social Justice:

At its core, public policy should deliver for those who need it most, with a focus on empowering the most deprived in society to be able to improve their lives.

The power of Devolution:

At the heart of the Northern Powerhouse agenda is Devolution. The movement towards Devolution is a ‘revolutionary’ moment in local government. It has huge potential for the North East and gives us the opportunity to shape the region’s future for ourselves.

The value a of Sustainable Economy:

Markets are the best way of allocating commercial resources and have a place in reforming our public services. Markets however can only succeed with strong social institutions such as schools and families.