2017 General Election: What happened in Yorkshire and the Humber?

In Yorkshire and Humber, only four seats changed hands, but the Liberal Democrats lost both of their seats there, notably the seat of former leader and deputy PM Nick Clegg.

Labour gained Colne Valley and Keighly from the Conservatives and the two Liberal Democrat seats, Leeds North West and Sheffield. The Conservatives did not gain any seats in the region.

Labour saw an increase of 9.9% of the voter share, to 59.0% whereas the Liberal Democrats lost 2.1% of their voter share. The Conservatives share increased by 7.8% to 40.5%.

Turnout was similar to North East and West England, with a turnout of 66.4%, with an increase of 3.1% in turnout.

The highest turnout was in Sheffield Hallam, the former seat of Nick Clegg. The Conservative constituency of York Outer recorded the second highest. Respectively, the turnout for the two constituencies were 77.6% and 75.7%.

The Labour constituencies of Sheffield Central and Leeds Central had the highest majorities, of 27,748 and 23,698 respectively.