Policy North Election Update: 3 days to go

Following the terror attack in London on Saturday night, campaigning resumed on Monday ahead of the final days of campaigning.

Heading into the final week before the election the polls were divided, with ComRes giving the Conservatives a 12% lead over Labour, while the Survation poll for The Mail on Sunday puts the Conservatives at 40% to Labour’s 39%. However ComRes suggests worse news for Prime Minister Theresa May as her favourability score is now negative for the first time since she took over the job from David Cameron last summer.

Security dominated Monday’s campaigning, as Theresa May faced criticism over police cuts and the Conservatives focussed on Corbyn's previously weak stance on anti-terror legislation. Labour’s Yvette Cooper said that ‘police cuts have gone too far’. However the Prime Minister defended her record as Home Secretary, and instead attacked Jeremy Corbyn’s opposition to the shoot-to-kill policy which she said ‘saved countless lives’ on Saturday.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s opposition to nuclear weapons has dominated the headlines after Friday’s BBC questioning of Corbyn and Prime Minister Theresa May, a line the Conservatives were keen to return too. Corbyn said ‘I think the idea of anyone ever using a nuclear weapon is utterly appalling’, despite the fact that Labour plan to retain Trident if they win later this week.

Corbyn in turn accused the Conservatives of being in chaos over tax, something that Theresa May later denied, saying that the Conservatives’ tax policy had not changed.  On a visit to North East, the Labour leader also attacked the Conservative government for doing ‘nothing’ following the closure of the SSI steelworks.

Finally on Monday Corbyn outlined plans to appoint a minister for mental health if there is a Labour government, saying that there is ‘too much stigma attached’ to mental health illness while Theresa May warned against electing a Labour government with the Brexit negotiations looming, saying ‘if we fail the consequences will be dire’, and the Prime Minister told supporters in Edinburgh that the alternative to a Conservative government is ‘Jeremy Corbyn in Number 10 and Nicola Sturgeon pulling the strings from Bute House’.

Pictured: Corbyn draws large crowd in Gateshead: