Policy North Election Update: 2 days to go

With just two days to go until the election, key figures from both Labour and the Conservatives visited Northern constituencies as the battle to win northern votes continues.

Monday evening saw Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn give a speech to thousands in Gateshead at the end of a day of touring several safe Labour seats in the North East. Corbyn warned of a shock result on Thursday, telling the crowd ‘you’ll see something very surprising on Thursday. Meanwhile on Tuesday the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson headed to Bishop Auckland in the North East to warn Corbyn was both soft on terror an soft on Brexit.

The Foreign Secretary in his Brexit focused speech said that Theresa May would ‘take back control’ rather than frustrate Brexit. Earlier the Foreign Secretary attacked Jeremy Corbyn’s record on counter-terrorism, claiming that the Labour leader has opposed terrorism legislation as though it were a ‘badge of honour’ throughout his parliamentary career.

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall continued to refuse to rule out internment for suspected terrorists on Tuesday, saying ‘I would do anything to keep people safe’. Mr Nuttall also stated that ‘we need to get the Muslim community on side’, and said that he will not be forced to step down as UKIP’s leader if the party fails to win any seats on Thursday.

Also on Tuesday, the Conservatives were criticised by Labour’s Emily Thornberry for a lack of NHS funding, but Home Secretary Amber Rudd defended the government’s record on healthcare, saying that rather than extra funding, ‘what we want is more efficiencies in the NHS’, and former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg reiterated the Lib Dems’ calls for a referendum on the final Brexit deal, saying that the British people were about to become ‘the victims of an act of national self harm’ through leaving the EU.