Policy North Election Update: Eve of Poll Round-up

Leading figures from across all parties travelled all over the country on Wednesday on the last full day of campaigning before voters go to the polls tomorrow.

Prime Minister Theresa May stated her plans to tackle terrorism, saying during a speech in Slough that she would change human rights laws so that security services have greater powers to restrict the movements of suspected terrorists and it is easier for authorities to deport foreign terror suspects. The plans were criticised by Lib Dem leader Tim Farron, who said ‘Theresa May is simply posturing about being tough on terror’, and Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn said ‘the way you deal with the threat to democracy is not by reducing democracy, it is by dealing with the threat that means properly funding our police and security services’.

Wednesday morning brought the main cut through that Diane Abbott had been replaced as Labour’s shadow Home Secretary by shadow police minister Lyn Brown due to “ill health”. The announcement followed several much-criticised media appearances by Abbott in recent weeks.

In the aftermath of another shocking terrorist attack on Saturday night, UKIP’s immigration spokesman John Bickley said that the government should consider some ‘unpalatable things within our democracy to keep our people safe’.

Also on Wednesday, Jeremy Corbyn praised Labour’s election campaign, saying ‘they underestimated us and the campaign we would mount’, meanwhile Work and Pensions Secretary Damian Green defended the Conservatives’ campaign, including policies on means-testing the winter fuel allowance and the so-called “Dementia Tax”.

In Scotland, Labour leader Kezia Dugdale denied Nicola Sturgeon’s claims that she had offered to drop her opposition to another independence referendum after the election whilst pollster predicted the SNP could lose up to 12 seats – mainly to Ruth Davidson’s pro-Union Conservatives.

Wednesday’s also the release of several major polls, giving the Conservatives an average lead of 9%.

YouGov: CON 42%, LAB 35%, LIB DEM 10%, UKIP 5%, GREEN 2%. 

Panelbase: CON 44%(nc), LAB 36%(nc), LIB DEM 7%(nc), UKIP 5%(nc), GREEN 2%(-1). 

ComRes: CON 44%(-3), LAB 34%(-1), LIB DEM 9%(+1), UKIP 5%(+1). 

ICM: CON 46%(+1), LAB 34%(nc), LIB DEM 7%(-1), UKIP 5%

Policy North Average: CON: 44%, LAB: 35%, LIB DEM: 8% UKIP: 5%, GREEN: 2%