Prof Ray Hudson

Do you think the North East can be a major part of the Northern Powerhouse?

No - because I don't see the Northern Powerhouse as much more than a political slogan. 

Why do you think a Mayor will be a good thing for the North East?

That would depend on (a) what powers s/he had (b) how they related to those of central government and (probably a vain hope now) the EU (c) how the position would be funded and (d) the budget at their disposal. I don't think you can give a simple unconditional answer to this question.

What do you think is our biggest strength in the North East?

The potential of the population

What do you think is the biggest issue we need to tackle in the region?

 Where to begin? If you want just one, seen as marginal (though for different reasons) by both major political parties.



BBC or Netflix?  


Who is your favorite author?      

Gabriel Garcia Marquez    

Visit Europe or the USA?      


What has been your biggest challenge?      

Having to take over as VC at Durham University

Plane, train, bus or car?        


How would your friends describe you, in one word?

Determined. There are others but not suitable for a website ....