Jacqui Miller MBE, Director of Cramlington-based Miller International.


Do you think the North East can be a major part of the Northern Powerhouse?

Most certainly yes, the North East has some of the most passionate, hardworking and honest people throughout the UK.  Given the ability to take control of our own destiny as a region we can invest in the things that matter most education, infrastructure and training. A ‘can do’ attitude is within our DNA and with a strong leader elected at the helm the sky’s the limit.

Why do you think a Mayor will be a good thing for the North East?

I think a democratically elected mayor can play a significant part in articulating what’s needed for our region.  Every area of the country has different requirements at different times in their history/development the North East has been overlooked too often by government administrations of all colours in part due to weak leadership

What do you think is our biggest strength in the North East?

Our biggest strength, without doubt is our passionate people. I’ve had the privilege to travel extensively around the world opening up new markets for my company’s products/services.  It has afforded me a much broader education and enable me to compare just what it is that makes companies successful and it is without doubt every time, their people. Our people are hardworking, proud and determined it’s no accident that the Nissan plant based here in my native North East is their most productive car plant in the world.  The people of our region make our region a truly fantastic place to invest.

What do you think is the biggest issue we need to tackle in the region?

They are many issues that we need to address if we are to realise our true potential.  The one that stands out at the moment would be improved infrastructure and connectivity to the rest of the UK and improved routes internationally. We need to prove to the rest of the country that we are very much open for business and we need to start by making the North East region easier to access by road, rail and air.


Jacqui Miller's #Lifehack:

BBC or Netflix?         

Who is your favorite author?           
Lord Archer

Visit Europe or the USA?      

What has been your biggest challenge?         
Overcoming equality, diversity & gender prejudice within the male dominated environment of the construction, quarry, mining and associated industries sector that I’ve carved my career within

Plane, train, bus or car?         
Train (flew on 100’s of planes over 20 years!)

How would your friends describe you, in one word?